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OCT 5th

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Eunice Keitan's soulful voice makes a big impression on listeners. Both her international upbringing and her eclectic music background show in this Canadian singer-songwriter's work which mixes R&B/Acoustic Soul and World Folk influences.


While traveling and moving often with her family in simple circumstances throughout her childhood, Eunice noticed the everyday people and their often harsh realities, struggles which impacted her perception of social issues at play in the lives of people around the world. That impact surfaces in the themes of many of her songs, where she explores mental health, social inequality and social change. 


Eunice was nominated for a Toronto Independent Music Award for her last EP, 'Where The Road Begins'.

The songwriter's latest offering, Come Home, is a late night existential crisis swathed in silk and class reminding the listener to look deeper and reach higher for those dreams.